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FRANCE--Mostly Brittany.


5c62d4b0-b459-11e8-8903-49ac2f9f5670.jpgb684aa00-b449-11e8-aec6-974fcbcdc91b.jpg96fa2bb0-b449-11e8-aec6-974fcbcdc91b.jpg57d5ecd0-b449-11e8-ab5c-d74de2afa22e.jpg23e0afa0-b449-11e8-ab5c-d74de2afa22e.jpg00effbe0-b449-11e8-ab5c-d74de2afa22e.jpg001b3c30-b448-11e8-b96a-2115b7db18f0.jpg24d3e610-b445-11e8-aec6-974fcbcdc91b.jpg622e0160-b447-11e8-ab5c-d74de2afa22e.jpg793479c0-b447-11e8-ab5c-d74de2afa22e.jpg8bfdbda0-b447-11e8-ab5c-d74de2afa22e.jpgd15052a0-b447-11e8-b96a-2115b7db18f0.jpg001b3c30-b448-11e8-b96a-2115b7db18f0.jpg0f21e180-b442-11e8-aec6-974fcbcdc91b.jpgcbac4280-b444-11e8-aec6-974fcbcdc91b.jpgeb556c60-b444-11e8-aec6-974fcbcdc91b.jpglarge_8db93c30-b43a-11e8-8ed3-c92ef97f304c.jpg---This was a holiday in 2014 in France mostly Brittany, by train. I used TGV high speed train and the regional trains. The TGV are very comfortable. First stayover was Le Mans.8db93c30-b43a-11e8-8ed3-c92ef97f304c.jpg7c1daa40-b437-11e8-8ed3-c92ef97f304c.jpg0b95d590-b437-11e8-8ed3-c92ef97f304c.jpg-- Le Mans is famous for its 24 hours car race, but it is well worth a visit in its own right.---History goes back to roman times. Remnants of the roman wall are still visable in the old town. The cathedral is the seat of the R.C. Church. It is dedicated to St Julian of Le Mans.---- Henry 11 of England was born in Le Mans. in 1133 AD.--- Le Mans is on the Sarthe river in the Loire Valley. ---A TGV train to Paris takes one hour.55d75420-b43d-11e8-962e-cda2133f5140.jpg89b25290-b43d-11e8-a010-5bc6fab7f6d6.jpgd93230b0-b43d-11e8-a010-5bc6fab7f6d6.jpged4336d0-b43d-11e8-a010-5bc6fab7f6d6.jpg----Rennes is the capital of the region of Brittany, its history goes back 2000 years.. I t is the 10th largest city in France.-----------------------e099ada0-b43e-11e8-bc73-4333a677ebcc.jpgf5b78fe0-b43e-11e8-bc73-4333a677ebcc.jpg10af3fa0-b43f-11e8-bc73-4333a677ebcc.jpg27995660-b43f-11e8-bc73-4333a677ebcc.jpg478c0c60-b43f-11e8-bc73-4333a677ebcc.jpg5507bd30-b43f-11e8-bc73-4333a677ebcc.jpg76d65f20-b43f-11e8-bc73-4333a677ebcc.jpg86f8c5f0-b43f-11e8-bc73-4333a677ebcc.jpga33aa8f0-b43f-11e8-bc73-4333a677ebcc.jpg--------------------Brest has a natural harbour with deep anchorage linked to the Atlantic Ocean. Impressive bridge spans the Elurn river. There is an American monument in Brest.----------------------------------------------------------Quimper has a cathedral with twin slender spires on a Gothic building. This is a old market town on the Odet river ,with timber framed houses., and cobbled streets. There are bus and boat excursions from Quimper.--------------Vannes is a nice looking town in Brittany with town walls ,large fortified gateways, lovely gardens, timbered buildings,and a cathedral-------Vannes and his Wife is a funny granite sculpture from the 15th century, on the end of a building.83efa5d0-b459-11e8-8903-49ac2f9f5670.jpgbe672580-b459-11e8-aa62-5d6cca8bc3e5.jpg---------------------La Rochelle is in Western France on the Bay of Biscay, It is a port guarded by three medieval towers. --- Georges Simoneon the author was born here. There are two lighthouses. Large Gateway with clock tower near quayside cafes. " Viex Port " is the old harbour.

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